The Medical Mnemonist (An InsideTheBoards Podcast)

Visual Marker Creation & Journey Method w/ Nelson Dellis: Climb4Memory, 4x US Memory Champion, and Author

January 28, 2019

Nelson Delis explains what got him into memory training, winning the US Championship 3x, and why he started Climb4Memory! He will walk you through a step-by-step example of the Journey/Linking Method for remembering the first few presidents. This is a great tool for remembering items that require sequential ordering, and can be implemented to any science and medicine topic as well!

0:00 Introduction

1:30 Nelson explores Alzheimer’s researched and Climb4Memory

2:40 Memory Training may grow the Hippocampus

5.30 Books by Nelson and teaching kids early

8.05 The Evolution of Memory Techniques

11.25 How to make personal Visual Markers vs Pre-made Markers

16.50 Example of Visual Marker creation with Linking Method

18.40: Recommended resources:

21.10 Parting Thoughts and Future Projects from Nelson Dellis. Visit his Website and YouTube page for more information.

22.30 Join the Medical Mnemonist Master Mind!

22.45 A Walk Down Memory Lane

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