The Medical Mnemonist (An InsideTheBoards Podcast)

20 Themes and Organization of Medical Memory Palaces with a Master of Memory Timothy Moser

May 21, 2019

We all need a little help when learning to create our own mnemonics and memory palaces. It can be difficult to apply a strategy that you previously used successfully to a new topic or area of study. Luckily, we have a Master of Memory here to guide us: Timothy Moser. Author, Spanish instructor, and podcaster, Timothy has taught hundreds of people how to use memory palaces to learn new materials. Timothy, it’s great to have you hear today!



3:30 Discipline-based vs Systems-based Medicine and Medical Mnemonics

4:30 Mind Map Use for Organizing your Memory Palace & Spanish Language Examples to Structure Your Memory Palace

9:30 Using Themes to Structure your Medical Memory Palace

11:48 The Issue of Separating Discipline and Systems Knowledge & Integrating Knowledge of Different Learning Curriculum

13:30 Time Management: How to Spend your Dedicated Memory Practice Study Time

16:00 Handling Medical Terminology with Similar Names and Pronunciations

18:55 Can and Should We Make Mnemonics for Materials Already Learned?

22:50 Just Three Wishes


For more information from Timothy Moser, check out the Master Of Memory Startup Guide. There are also great, free videos and podcasts available for language learning at Accelerated Spanish Start.

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