The Medical Mnemonist (An InsideTheBoards Podcast)

27 The Best Note-Taking Methods and Increasing Your Reading Speed and Comprehension with Abby Marks Beale

July 23, 2019

Today we are joined by Abby Marks Beale, author of 10 Days to Faster Reading, the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading, Success Skills: Strategies for Study and Livelong Learning, among others. She also taught Study Skills to allied health students, and currently runs RevItUpReading.



0:50 Getting in the Positive Mindset and Self-Care for Effective Learning & Picking the Peak Performance Hours for Maximizing Time-management

6:20 Best Practices for Note-taking for Graduate and Medical Learners & The Cornell Method of Taking Notes

13:40 Mind Mapping Your Class Notes & Increased Retention for Visual Note-taking

18:08 What Does Speed Reading Really Mean?

19:35 Effective Strategies for Approaching Reading Activities and Class Assignments

23:30 How to Use Pacers, Decrease Subvocalization, and Increase Your Reading Speed and Comprehension

29:20 How to Avoid Obstacles and Being Purposeful with Your Study Environment

39:25 Just Three Wishes



Discipline Your Eyes

Cornell-style note paper