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18 Test Taking Skills and Working Memory Limitations with STATmed founder Ryan Orwig Part 1

May 7, 2019

There are many study methods when discussing the boards and graduate level exams. Being efficient and understanding time management is one skill required for accelerated learning. Today we have Ryan Orwig, creator of STATMed Learning, where he teaches med students and doctors better ways to study, maximize their time, create memory palaces, and take boards-style tests.



3:42 STATmed Workshop and Course & Focus on Working Memory for the Boards

9:52 Test Taking Misses vs Knowledge Misses: How Do We Tell?

13:44 Pattern Recognition & Differences in Individual Learning

20:07 Having a Study Pattern to Troubleshoot

24:04 Study Methodology (Course) vs Test Taking Skills (Workshop): Using the STATmed Platforms


In the next episode, we will continue with Ryan Orwig and the use of visual mnemonics for memory. We will take a deeper dive into the how, what, where, when, and why of memory palaces, mind maps, and other visual memory techniques. Ryan will also give some insight into the obstacles he has run across teaching these methods to his students.

Listeners of The Medical Mnemonist can use the PROMO CODE TMMP2019 for a limited time discount during the summer of 2019 for The STATMed Class (study methodology) and The STATMed Boards Workshop (Boards test-taking skills for the self-identified “bad test-taker”).

Learn more about STATMed Learning and The STATProgram. Find more content on STATMed Learning’s YouTube page.

You can also contact STATMed through emailing Ryan, or calling/texting 304.654.6503. Learn more, ask questions, share your story, and see if STATMed can help you.


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