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08 Memory and Mental Health with the Magnetic Memory Method’s Dr. Anthony Metivier

February 26, 2019

In the first part of this interview, we have Dr. Anthony Metivier of the Magnetic Memory Method (MMM). He explains how memory training may be linked to positive mental health outcomes, and how to create your own “magnetic” memory palaces. We cover the many ways our daily activities effect our memories, and how to maximize your memory in medical school.


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1:25 What makes the Method “Magnetic” and Memory Techniques for Mental Health

4:40 Where to start with Memory Palaces...Memory Improvement Kit

8:20 Using Pre-made Palaces and Proprietary Software

12:10 Arm Anatomy Example (and a related Video)

16:40 De-skilling, Why Effort Matters for Learning, and Digital Fasting

23:10 Sleep, Diet, Fitness, and Meditation for Memory Health


Join Anthony on his Podcast and YouTube Channel. For more detailed information, you may be interested in his Learn Faster Course or MMM Masterclass.


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