The Medical Mnemonist (An InsideTheBoards Podcast)

Flashcards and Study Hacks with Medical School 2.0 author Dr. David Larson

January 7, 2019

This episode with Medical School 2.0 author Dr. David Larson will cover how to make flashcards and other study hacks for study efficiency.

0:42 Introduction

  • Education Background: Brown University, Fulbright Fellowship, USC School of Medicine, Alpha Omega Alpha Merit Scholarship
  • Philanthropy: Worked for Grassroots Public Health Program in India
  • TED Vancouver 2/2016 

6:10 Dr. Larson’s Medical School Experience

9:50 Flashcard Style and How-To

14:00 Personal vs Pre-made Flashcards

15:58 Meditation & 90/30 Study Recommendation

19:08 Recommended Resources and Financial Advice

23:03 Residency 2.0 and the Medical School 2.0 Masterclass?

24:20 Residency Hack & using Pocket App for Flashcards

25:40 Walk down Memory Lane & Getting Free Webinars

28:30 Contact info

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