The Medical Mnemonist (An InsideTheBoards Podcast)

Efficient Learning Strategies from Dr. Wendell Cole of The Medical School Survival Kit and Convos with Cole

April 23, 2019

We all need as much help as we can get when it comes to board exam tips, time management hacks, and how to get into the residency of our choice. Today, Dr. Wendell Cole, author of The Medical School Survival Kit, will give us the sage advice that allowed him to study smarter, save time, and have a healthy social life during medical school. Dr. Cole is an orthopedic surgeon at Tulane, has been on a host of podcast episodes including InsideTheBoards and Docs Outside the Box, and hosts his own podcast, Convos with Cole. Dr. Cole I’m delighted to have you on the show today.



2:00 “Just Do It”: The Secret to Accomplishment During Medical School & the 80/20 Rule

5:20 The Purpose Behind The Medical School Survival Kit & Setting up your Study Schedule

11:40 Eliminate Distractions when Studying to Improve Efficiency

15:20 Discussions on How to Use Spaced Repetition

18:20 Using Questions for Priming and Self-Assessment

22:30 Common Student Obstacles and How to Overcome: Scheduling and Approaching Board-style Questions

24:40 Walk Down Memory Lane


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