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21 Deliberate Practice for Medical Students with Dr Anders Ericsson- Part 1

June 4, 2019

Many students that strive for graduate degrees and high honors are thought of as having Type A personalities, being born gifted, or have developed expertise in their area of study. This is especially true for medical students. But we were all cut from the same cloth, and expertise is a state more so then a trait. I’m very pleased to announce that today we have one of the foremost experts on expertise, Dr. K. Anders Ericsson, here to tell us how we can develop expertise in our studies! Dr. Ericsson is a Conradi Eminent Scholar and Professor of Psychology at Florida State. He is well known for his work on Deliberate Practice, which was exemplified by his 2016 publication of Peak: Secrets for the New Science of Expertise. Dr. Ericsson, welcome to the show.


2:10 Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule and What He Missed: Practice vs Deliberate Practice

7:33 Memory Research: Joshua Foer & How Anyone Can Learn The Techniques

13:52 How to Implement Deliberate Practice in Medical Training

18:06 Comparing Purposeful Practice and Deliberate Practice

19:31 Steps in Deliberate Practice: Goals, Focus, Feedback, Pushing Your Limits!

21:52 Self-Assessment Skills & When to Seek a Mentor


Find Dr. Ericsson's book at and this recommended reading article.

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