Memory Training and Emotional Intelligence for Test Preparation with Howard Berg- Part 2

February 12, 2019

Welcome back to Part 2 of the interview with Speed Reading record holder, Howard Berg. In continuing on with the last episode on Speed Learning, Mr. Berg discusses his Peg System for remembering numbers, tips for asking for advice in school, and how to create "state" conditioning. These conditioned responses can be used to keep calm under pressure, just like the Green Berets he has trained.


Part 2

0:54 Memory Techniques and the Peg System

5:50 Turning Numbers into Pictures

7:10 What is Learning? Here’s Howard Berg’s Thoughts

8:40 How to Prepare for Study Material and Ask for Professor Advice

10:25 Using “State” (conditioned response) and Emotional Intelligence for Test Prep

19:30 The InsideTheBoards All-audio Q-bank Raffle and Phone App!


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Speed Learning with Guinness World Speed Reading Record Holder Howard Berg

February 5, 2019

This interview is with Speed Learning instructor and record holder, Howard Berg. Here, he covers increasing your reading and comprehension for increased retention. This is the first in a set of interview topics to improve your leaving through memory and emotional intelligence.


0:50 Intro to Howard Berg, Speed Reading Record Holder

2:40 Advanced Reading at a Young Age

4:30 Controversy around Speed Reading, and how to use with Brain-based learning, Emotional Intelligence, and Memory Techniques to study more efficiently

7:10 Demo of Howard Berg’s reading speed

8:34 Average Reading Speed and Improvements you Can Achieve!

10:25 Howard’s courses, Example of How to Increase Speed and Comprehension, and Importance of Schema

18:20 Use of Focus and Attention in Studying, and limiting Sub-vocalization when reading

23:00 How to Speed Learn: The 5 Things You MUST Know when Reading a Textbook

25:30 How to Study in 20% of the Time: Proper Study Group Formation